Copyright law for composers and artists

Ensuring the legal protection of authors, composers and performing artists  belongs to the expertise of the PHILIPPE & PARTNERS Copyright Department for authors, composers and performing artists.

Its lawyers have recognised knowledge in the field of the specific Belgian and international regulations governing the creative arts, whether in the field of art, music, theatre or film-making.

Specialists in the field off intellectual property rights, their recognised expertise in European law extends to even the most specific rules and regulations – as found in Belgian, Luxembourg and French law – is used in their day-to-day practice. Their close and regular links with specialist Spanish, Italian and Dutch lawyers allows them to provide PHILIPPE & PARTNERS clients with high-level counselling and support in all cases involving these countries.

Our department is able to reply to all the specialised needs of authors, musicians, film-makers and directors, as well as visual artists.

Its counselling and dispute management services are available throughout the European Union, Belgium, Luxembourg and France. Moreover, it also has access to networks of international professionals .

Our lawyers’ experience is enriched by their privileged contacts with sector players, in particular gained through counselling author companies.

Many have authored academic publications  on copyrights in the arts field, and they regularly speak at conferences  in Belgium and abroad.

Our “Arts copyright” Department has specialist expertise in drafting a variety of contractual documents governing relations between various stakeholders in the fields of publishing, culture and the performing arts.

The experience of our lawyers in the field of competition disputes, counterfeiting and the collection of royalties puts them in a privileged position to offer counselling and assistance in the drafting of contracts for exploiting various monopoly rights in industrial and commercial matters.

A few examples illustrating our scope:

  • Negotiating and drafting of publishing contracts (for literature and music)
  • Negotiating and drafting of contracts for developing and exploiting audiovisual and multimedia works
  • Negotiating and drafting exhibition and presentation contracts
  • Relations between authors/composers and author/publishing companies
  • Evidentiary procedures over the original character of new literary and musical works
  • Analysis of the terms and conditions of the collective management of royalties
  • Opinions on the fake nature of a musical work of a show
  • Civil and criminal proceedings on counterfeiting
  • Injunctions
  • Follow-up of expert reports
  • Tax aspects of copyrights and royalties

Our lawyers specialized in this practice area :