Privacy and data protection

The protection of personal data is intrinsically related to all aspects of a company’s operations, at the crossroads between a company’s technical, IT and management operations and the specific rules and regulations governing each business sector (insurance, banking, energy, gambling, etc.).

This interdisciplinary character represents the starting point for any work we will do for you in the field of privacy and data protection. We give priority to offering you concrete and practical solutions covering all the different areas in which your company operates.

Our privacy and data protection department offers the following services:

  • internal audits and the compilation of an action plan for achieving compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation(“GDPR”) which comes into force in May 2018;
  • preparation of procedures for managing data protection gaps and breaches;
  • assistance in the case of an investigation by the Belgian Data Protection Agency;
  • integration of data protection aspects in a specific project;
  • reviewing, adapting and validating contract documentation (terms and conditions of sale/use; employment contracts, subcontracts, privacy policy, etc.) to take privacy considerations into account;
  • in-house training sessions for companies to ensure that all staff are aware of data protection rules;
  • support to a company’s data protection officer or of the organisation to which this function has been delegated;
  • data transfer to third countries.

Our lawyers specialized in this practice area :