Tax, inheritance and estate planning

Made up of experienced lawyers, our tax department offers a wide variety of legal services to national and international clients,

with a focus on tax advice (1) and tax disputes (2).

(1) Tax advice:

Our lawyers provide private individuals and companies with help in finding pragmatic solutions enabling them to optimise the tax aspects of any measures they intend to take.

Aspects addressed include all tax matters (personal income tax, corporate tax, VAT, DLU (one-off declaration of financial assets), etc.).

A particular focus is put on estate and inheritance planning (especially on gaining rulings), as well as the tax aspects of insurance policies, in conjunction with – for aspects concerning civil law – our inheritance law department.

Our team undertakes to understand the issues at stake in each situation in order to provide the best possible advice.

Our expertise also covers international tax law, and in particular Belgo-Luxembourg situations.

(2) Tax disputes:

The Tax Department helps the person or legal entity liable to tax in all stages of the procedure: tax inspection, responding to requests for information from the tax authorities, drafting administrative claims, legal proceedings, opposing seizures, etc.

Our lawyers have wide experience in all courts and tribunals.

Our team is committed to developing, in perfect harmony with the taxpayer, an overall strategy in defence of his interests.

Our lawyers specialized in this practice area :