The European Commission: Notice of initiation of anti-dumping proceeding concerning imports of certain seamless pipes and tubes of iron or steel, of an external diameter exceeding 406, 4 mm, originating in the People’s Republic of China

On 16 February 2013, the European Commission issued the Notice to initiate a new anti-dumping investigation on seamless pipes and tubes (large) from China (“Case AD597”). After publication of the Notice of Initiation, importers/exporters, Community industry, users/consumers can register as interested parties following which they receive questionnaires. Questionnaire responses/comments or requests for hearings need to be submitted before 29 April 2013. The exporting producer has to submit information to the European Commission within 15 days of 16 February 2013 to be a sampling party in this case. The latest date for entry into force of provisional measures is 16 November 2013 (9 months from initiation). 欧盟委员会:关于对原产于中国的进口外径超过406. 4mm的无缝钢管发起反倾销调查的通知 2013年2月16日, 欧盟委员会决定对原产于中国的大口径无缝钢管启动反倾销调查程序(案号 Case AD597)。在启动反倾销调查的通知发布后,进口商/出口商,欧盟工业组织, 使用者/消费者可以登记成为该案利益相关方,随后会收到欧盟委员会发出的调查问卷。调查问卷答复或者意见以及参加听证会的请求必须于2013年4月29日前提交给欧盟委员会。想要成为抽样企业的出口生产商必须在启动反倾销调查的通知发布后15日内向欧盟委员会提交抽样企业申请表格。临时反倾销措施最快于2013年11月16日生效(反倾销调查程序启动后9个月内)。”