The Council of the European Union: Council Implementing Regulation (EU) No 217/2013 imposing a definitive anti-dumping duty and collecting definitively the provisional duty imposed on imports of certain aluminium foils in rolls originating in the People’s Republic of China

The anti-dumping investigation proceeding was initiated on 20 December 2011 following a complaint lodged by the European association of Metals (Eurométaux) on behalf of producers representing more than 50% of the total Union production of certain aluminium foil in rolls. During the investigation, the European Commission sampled three exporting producers and selected Turkey as the analogue country for determining the normal value. The provisional anti-dumping duty was imposed on 18 September 2012 by Commission Regulation (EU) No 833/2012, which denied Market Economy Treatment (MET) requested by two exporting producers and confirmed Individual Treatment (IT) requested by all sampled companies and another non-sampled company. By the definitive anti-dumping decision, the Council of the EU confirmed the European Commission’s provisional decision on IT but granted MET to a sampled exporting producer with lowest anti-dumping duty rate of 14.2% among others ranging from 14.6% to 35.6%. By providing sufficient evidence to the European Commission, new Chinese exporting producers, which did not export to the EU the product concerned during the investigation period (1 October 2010 to 30 September 2011), may be subject to the weighted average duty rate of 14.6% upon a new exporter review procedure. Any exporter, importer or EU producer may request an interim review once the definitive measures have been in force for 1 year. 欧盟理事会: 欧盟理事会执行条例2013年第217号 决定对原产于中国的进口铝箔卷征收反倾销税终裁 2013年3月13日,欧盟理事会发布2013年第217号执行条例,对原产于中国的进口铝箔卷反倾销调查做出终裁。 根据欧洲金属工业协会(Eurométaux)所代表的铝箔卷产量占欧洲总产量50%以上的厂商的申请,欧盟委员会于2011年12月20日启动反倾销调查程序。调查过程中,欧盟委员会抽样调查了三家中国出口生产商并选取土耳其作为决定正常价值的替代国。2012年8月18日,欧盟委员会发布2012年第833号条例,做出反倾销调查的初裁决定。在初裁决定中,欧盟委员会否决了两家中国出口生产商的市场经济待遇申请,但确认所有抽样企业和一家非抽样企业的个别待遇申请。根据终裁决定,欧盟理事会同意欧盟委员会个别待遇的初裁决定,但是决定给予一家抽样企业市场经济待遇并适用14.2%的最低反倾销税率。终裁决定的其他反倾销税率范围为14.6%到35.6%之间。在反倾销调查期间,即2010年10月1日至2011年9月30日,未向欧盟出口涉案铝箔卷的中国新出口经营者可以向欧盟委员会提交证据申请新出口商复审,从而有可能获得14.6%的平均反倾销税率待遇。利益相关的出口商,进口商和欧盟生产商可以在反倾销终裁措施实施一年后申请期中复审。”