The European Commission: Impending expiry of anti-dumping measures against citric acid from China

On 1 March 2013, the European Commission issued the notice of the impending expiry of anti-dumping measures on citric acid from China. The initial investigation started on 4 September 2007 and the definitive measures were taken on 3 December 2008 by the Council Regulation (EC) No 1193/2008, with anti-dumping duty rates ranging from 6.6% to 42.7%. The anti-dumping measures will expire on 4 December 2013 unless a review is initiated. The EU producers may lodge a written request for a review. This request must contain sufficient evidence that the expiry of the anti-dumping measures would be likely to result in a continuation or recurrence of dumping and injury. The request for review must be submitted no later than three months before 4 December 2013 to the European Commission. 欧盟委员会: 关于对原产于中国的进口柠檬酸的反倾销措施即将到期的公告 2013年3月1日,欧盟委员会发布公告,通知对原产于中国的进口柠檬酸的反倾销措施即将到期。原反倾销调查于2007年9月4日启动,并于2008年12月3日由欧盟理事会做出终裁裁决(欧盟理事会条例2008年第1193号),反倾销税税率范围为6.6% 到 42.7%。如果不启动复审,该反倾销措施将于2013年12月4日到期终止。欧盟生产商可以向欧盟委员会书面申请期终复审。期终复审申请必须有充分的证据证明如果终止原反倾销措施,将可能导致倾销和损害的继续或者再度发生。期终复审的申请必须不迟于原反倾销措施终止日前三个月向欧盟委员会提出。 “