Authors & performers

The path to developing and exploiting an industrial or commercial innovation is often strewn with obstacles. Without efficient and operational legal counselling, major investments in time and money in such activities are constantly subject to considerable loss risks.

Our “Patents, trademarks and industrial design” Department helps industries, engineers, technicians, marketing specialists and industrial designers to protect their innovations and to defend their rights in court.

In the cultural field, designers and performers may come up against a lot of problems because of the ease of use and low cost of equipment making it possible to copy, reproduce, adapt, modify, translate and broadcast the literary and artistic works of their authors and performers.

Our “Copyright ans intellectual property rights” Department offers its services to authors, musicians, film-makers and directors, and visual artists, helping them in the management and defence of their rights in a “borderless” cultural context.

In this context, sector players will choose PHILIPPE & PARTNERS in order to:

  • obtain the best advice on the choice of methods and formalities allowing them to preserve the value add of their innovations and to protect their works through selecting the most suitable procedures for protecting their copyrights in he context of a globalised market.
  • draft publishing contracts, licensing agreements, R&D contracts, knowledge transfer contracts, patent rules and other agreements providing them with fair compensation for exploiting their intellectual property
  • develop the terms for fair collaboration between the various artists contributing to the development of an audiovisual work
  • ensure protection of their brand image and other distinctive symbols
  • develop terms for protecting their know-how and other non-patented technological innovations
  • manage relations with author companies
  • proactively deal with disputes, while keeping costs under control

To provide a full-service offering, something that is of vital importance in this field, our lawyers have specialist expertise in the administrative procedures for filing and registering a patent/copyright, but also in international contract law and the right to specific legal proceedings, in matters involving industrial and commercial property law, literary and artistic property, copyright and related rights, media and communication law, tax aspects and many other fields of law.

Our lawyers specialized in this industry