Contracts and business relationships

The Contract Law Department consists of a team of lawyers combining academic expertise in Belgian and international contract law with a solid commercial practice that benefits a wide range of clients.

Our team is able to meet your specific and specialised needs in a wide variety of national and international contracts in French, Dutch, English and German, in all judicial districts of Belgium and Luxembourg.

Philippe & Partners offers a complete and tailor-made commercial law service including advice, consultation, negotiation and drafting of contracts.

In the context of any commercial dispute, our team meets your expectations by applying its practice, knowledge and expertise in defending your rights and interests.

Our team minimises risks by strengthening your contractual position in compliance with mandatory rules and European law, and assists you from the pre-litigation phase to the obtaining and execution of a court decision.

The firm’s expertise covers a wide range of Belgian and international contracts: service contracts, agreements related to real estate ownership (rental, commercial leases, co-ownership and undivided ownership), sales and supply contracts, works and construction, business, distribution, intellectual property rights agreements, joint ventures and other forms of collaboration, framework contracts, share transfers, company articles, shareholder agreements, manufacturing contracts, securities (pledges, mortgages, first demand guarantees, documentary credit, trust).

Our team provides assistance at all stages of the contract’s life cycle, adapted to the activities, priorities and parameters and its customers:

  • Drafting of adapted general conditions for the purchase/sale of products and the provision of services,
  • Negotiation and drafting of the contract and its clauses (damages, failure to meet deadlines, warranties, limitation or exemption from liability, termination, resolution, confidentiality, non-competition, applicable law, force majeure, clauses providing for amicable dispute resolution procedures, best efforts, warranties and representations, hardship, best efforts, Incoterms, etc.)
  • Non-performance of the contract, non-payment of invoices, litigation phase, and commercial or partner disputes,
  • Interpretation and scope of the contract obligations,
  • Assignment of the contract, change of circumstances,
  • Compliance and adaptation to Belgian, European and international legislative changes (GDPR, Reform of the Civil Code and the Companies Code, social law aspects)
  • End of the contract (breach, cancellation, termination, etc.)

The contract law department works in close collaboration with other departments of our association, which allows us to advise you from the beginning to the completion of major Belgian or international projects (Europe, North America, Africa, Middle East).

Our lawyers specialized in this practice area :